Opus One finds gold grades of 5.6 g/t over 1.4m and 6.3 g/t over 0.8m on vein no-3, Kellar Area, Grizzly property near Chibougamau-Chapais, Quebec, Canada

MONTREAL, QC – OPUS ONE Resources Inc. (the “Company” or “OPUS ONE”) – (TSX Venture Exchange: OOR), is pleased to announce that the summer trenching program on Vein No-3 in the Kellar Lake area was successful and has returned encouraging gold grades. The Kellar area presents a system of stacked NNE and conjugate EW gold bearing structures. The 2017 trenching program was designed to expose the East West trending Vein No-3, discovered during the 2016 fall trenching program. Mechanical stripping was carried out over Vein No-3 to expose the maximum length of the vein. Over 100 metres of strike length was stripped and sampled. The structure remains open in all directions.

The vein varied in width from 0.2 to over 2.0 metres including the mineralised and silicified contact zone. It consists of quartz and carbonate with minor tourmaline and sulfides (up to 5% pyrite and local chalcopyrite). The vein strikes East-West and dips to the South at approximately 55 degrees. The host rock is strongly altered (mostly carbonate and silica) massive and pillowed basalt flows. Channel samples were taken at 3 to 5 metre intervals across the mineralised zone, where ever possible. The full width of the zone was not always accessible for channel sampling. The following table is a summary of the best individual or composite assay results from over 35 channels totaling 98 individual samples oriented perpendicular to strike:

Vein No-3

Channel # Weighted Avg g/t Au Length m Extent Zone Sampled
02 5.21 0.43 Full
09 4.39 0.84 Full
19 12.48 0.24 Full
26 6.34 0.78 Full
32 4.24 0.62 Partial
34 5.59 1.36 Partial


A table with complete assay results, location maps and detailed trench maps can be found here.

Vein No-3 and structure was lost both to the East and West due to thick overburden; however the IP survey carried out in 2016 did show continuity and other similar parallel EW and NNE anomalies. Best grades and thicknesses were observed at the East end of the trench. Follow up exploration toward the East is planned for the next phase in 2018, consisting of diamond drilling over the best geological and geophysical targets in the Kellar area.

Other trenches were also completed over historical showings Vein No-2 and ‘Kill’. However, no significant results were obtained from these trenches.


Kellar showing was discovered in 1936 by George E. Kellar a prospector working for Prospector Airways. They reported finding visible gold and traced a NNE quartz vein by digging small pits for a distance of 1,600 feet. Work was abandoned due to the project’s remoteness at the time. However, work resumed on the property after a road was built to Chibougamau to service the mines in the area. The property became accessible by a short float plane flight from a base at Cache Lake. According to historical reports from SIGEOM public database, in the early fifties, several pits were cleaned and resampled which returned grab sample results varying from 3.4 to 23.8 g/t Au. A small portable drill was then brought-in to test the vein at depth. A number of companies returned over the years to resample the old trenches reporting similar results. This was then followed by a wide spaced IP survey that was carried out over the main showing area. It identified the No-1 vein structure and several other parallel anomalies which may indicate a stacked vein system. A limited drilling program with small diameter core tested the coincident IP anomaly / Vein No-1 structure in the early eighties with mitigated results.

In 2016, GFK Resources (Now Opus One Resources) completed a 460 metres trench over Vein No-1, discovered Vein No-3 and completed a 100 m spacing IP survey over the entire Kellar area. The area was then prospected last summer and mechanical stripping program followed up over best sub-cropping area coincident or nearby IP anomalies.

Mr. Louis Morin, CEO, states: “This first phase of exploration on the recently discovered Vein No-3 generated encouraging results with coherent grades over narrow distance. We expect better thicknesses toward East but it was unfortunately impossible to expose the structure. We look forward for our next winter drill program to unveil the potential of this area as well as other high priority targets on this promising property.”

Grizzly is a gold property which consists of 142 mining claims covering an area of 7,765 hectares located approximately 40 kilometers northwest of the town of Chapais, accessible via a good network of logging roads. The area is underlain by rocks of Archean age of the Gilman and La Trève formations. The property contains more than 10 historical gold showings and occurrences associated with EW and NNE trends with grades varying from 1 g/t to up to 46 g/t. Very limited exploration work such as basic prospecting, mechanical trenching and shallow drilling was done over the property

Samples collected during the 2017 fall exploration program were dispatched from Chapais to Laboratoire Expert Rouyn-Noranda for processing. Standard and blank QA-QC samples were introduced in the sample series at regular intervals in the field. All samples were processed according to Laboratoire Expert’s internal quality control procedures. They were analysed following standard pyro-analyses technics “Fire Assay-Atomic Absorption”. Samples which returned values equal or greater than 5.0 g/t were reanalysed by gravimetric method.

About OPUS ONE Resources Inc.

Opus One Resources Inc. is a mining exploration company focused on discovering high quality gold and base metals deposits within strategically located properties in proven mining camps, sometimes close to existing mines in the Abitibi Greenstone Belt, north-western Quebec and north-eastern Ontario – one of the most prolific gold mining areas in the world. Opus One holds assets in Val-d’Or, Matagami and Chibougamau areas. Bachelor Extension property is adjacent to Metanor Resources Inc.- Bachelor Gold Mine, Vezza Extension and Vezza North are located few kilometers West and North of Nottaway Resources Vezza Mine. Courvillle property is located east of Val D’Or.

In addition, Opus One has also optioned three properties, all easily accessible by a network of all season roads: Fecteau property, located in the Urban-Barry greenstone belt, east of Osisko Mining’s Windfall Lake deposit, currently one of the most active exploration area in Canada; Winwin property, located directly North of Iamgold’s Monster Lake property, and the Grizzly property, located 40 kilometers north-west of the city of Chapais in a similar geological setting to Northern Superior’s Croteau East project.

Tony Brisson, P. Geo and director of Opus One, acts as a Qualified Person as defined in National Instrument 43-101 and has reviewed and approved the technical information in this press release.

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For more information, please contact:

Louis Morin, CEO & Director
T (514) 591-5988

Michael W. Kinley, CPA, CA
President, CFO & Director
T (902) 826-1579
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C  (902) 402-0388

Vein No-3 Complete assay results

Channel # Sample # Type Lenght (m) Au (g/t)
R01 1479254 Channel 0,99 0,90
R01 1479255 Channel 1,06 0,20
R01 1479256 Channel 1,02 0,17
R01 1479257 Channel 1,07 1,05
R01 1479258 Channel 1,05 0,74
R01 1479259 Channel 1,05 0,18
R01 1479261 Channel 1,01 0,54
R01 1479262 Channel 1,10 0,01
R01 1479263 Channel 0,61 0,01
R02 1479264 Channel 1,00 0,38
R02 1479265 Channel 1,10 0,17
R02 1479266 Channel 1,06 0,56
R02 1479267 Channel 1,06 0,14
R02 1479268 Channel 0,75 0,10
R02 1479269 Channel 0,43 5,21
R02 1479270 Channel 1,01 0,08
R02 1479271 Channel 1,10 0,04
R03 1479272 Channel 0,99 0,21
R03 1479274 Channel 0,67 0,55
R03 1479275 Channel 0,74 0,26
R03 1479276 Channel 0,55 0,13
R03 1479277 Channel 1,08 0,05
R04 1479278 Channel 0,90 0,01
R05 1479279 Channel 1,07 0,11
R06 1479281 Channel 0,86 2,80
R07 1479282 Channel 1,04 0,18
R07 1479283 Channel 0,89 2,07
R07 1479284 Channel 1,00 0,09
R08 1479285 Channel 0,76 0,09
R09 1479286 Channel 0,84 4,39
R10 1479287 Channel 0,93 0,15
R10 1479288 Channel 0,40 1,62
R10 1479290 Channel 1,00 0,05
R11 1479291 Channel 0,77 0,60
R12 1479292 Channel 0,77 0,03
R13 1479293 Channel 1,09 0,02
R13 1479294 Channel 0,33 0,41
R13 1479295 Channel 0,65 0,91
R13 1479296 Channel 1,19 0,04
R14 1479297 Channel 0,58 0,87
R15 1479298 Channel 0,90 0,03
R15 1479299 Channel 0,45 1,43
R15 1479301 Channel 0,75 0,05
R15 1479302 Channel 0,58 0,08
R15 1479303 Channel 0,75 0,01
R15 1479304 Channel 1,09 0,00
R16 1479305 Channel 0,81 0,01
R17 1479306 Channel 0,69 0,01
R17 1479307 Channel 0,50 1,17
R18 1479308 Channel 0,89 1,04
R19 1479309 Channel 1,01 0,17
R19 1479310 Channel 0,24 12,48
R19 1479312 Channel 1,08 0,07
R20 372763 Channel 0,91 0,05
R20 372764 Channel 0,54 3,66
R20 372765 Channel 0,95 0,04
R21 1479313 Channel 1,01 0,01
R21 1479314 Channel 0,60 0,04
R22 372766 Channel 0,30 3,57
R23 372767 Channel 0,91 0,29
R23 372768 Channel 0,73 1,74
R23 372769 Channel 0,87 0,10
R24 372978 Channel 0,01 2,75
R25 372980 Channel 0,81 0,26
R25 372981 Channel 0,39 2,94
R25 372983 Channel 0,51 0,31
R25 372984 Channel 1,03 0,02
R26 372985 Channel 0,74 0,03
R26 372986 Channel 0,78 6,34
R26 372988 Channel 0,75 0,87
R27 372989 Channel 1,04 0,05
R27 372990 Channel 0,50 3,93
R27 372992 Channel 0,90 0,43
R27 372993 Channel 0,98 0,03
R28 1479326 Channel 0,75 0,49
R29 1479327 Channel 1,14 0,00
R29 1479328 Channel 0,93 0,06
R30 1479329 Channel 1,03 0,00
R30 1479330 Channel 1,04 0,00
R30 1479331 Channel 1,02 0,00
R30 1479332 Channel 1,00 0,00
R30 1479333 Channel 1,00 0,09
R30 1479334 Channel 0,45 2,81
R31 1479336 Channel 0,80 0,18
R32 1479337 Channel 1,10 0,02
R32 1479338 Channel 0,62 4,24
R32 1479339 Channel 0,85 1,02
R33 1479341 Channel 0,96 0,16
R34 1479342 Channel 0,95 0,03
R34 1479343 Channel 1,04 0,02
R34 1479344 Channel 0,99 0,00
R34 1479345 Channel 1,03 0,01
R34 1479346 Channel 1,00 0,12
R34 1479347 Channel 0,64 9,27
R34 1479348 Channel 0,72 2,32
R34 1479349 Channel 0,69 0,83
R35 1479350 Channel 0,99 0,09
R35 1479351 Channel 0,80 1,98